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How it all began....

Welcome to Happy Plant Green Store....

Our story began a few years ago when we become shocked and saddened at the amount of plastic waste arriving on the local beaches choking the seas and wildlife alike. We ve all seen the pictures of the little seahorse with his cotton bud companion or the turtle with a plastic straw stuck in her nostril, and the birds and fish feeding on plastic particles are dying because of it...

We wanted to make a change and tried to buy non plastic packaged items. It was quite a challenge and we met a lot of like minded people trying to do the same.

That's when we decided to open Happy Planet Green Store, to offer as much as possible non plastic packaged food, natural toiletries, recycled and compostable household items.


You can bring your own clean containers to fill from a wide choice of foods for your larders, including rice, pasta, beans, dried fruit, nuts, snacks, tea and coffee beans, (which we can grind for you) and herbs and spices. We have a great selection of breakfast cereals and you can make up your own muesli mix.

We also offer refills on washing liquids and cleaning products as well as shampoo and hand soaps. Our toiletries are all natural and organic and are made by independent companies who use tins and jars and recycled paper to pack their lovely products in. This includes shampoo bars, shaving soaps and vegan shaving brushes, skincare creams including baby balms, toothpaste and floss and even a natural sunscreen.

Organic fruits and vegetables are available, all fresh and in season, you can choose as much or as little as you like and we have organic cotton bags for you to pack them in.

Our eco friendly garden department will grow, literally! as our 🌱 plants in natural coir pots and peat free compost become ready to sell.. and we will have organic seeds, along with organic eco friendly composts and plant foods in the autumn ready for all you keen gardeners out there! To help the bees, 🐝 we have Bee Bombs for you to plant your own wild flower garden.


There are bamboo coffee cups, steel water bottles, palm leaf picnic plates and wooden cutlery, which can all be packed into a jute bag for your picnic, festival, or beach day along with loose snacks to choose from and even a spud coat! Rain coat made from potatoes??...I know we didn’t believe it either!!

If there is anything we don't have, that you need, we will do our best to get it for you, just ask.

Unfortunately, sometimes our products will arrive in plastic from our suppliers, so we have sourced a responsible recycling company who can put it to good use.


It's time to make a change ... together we can make that happen.

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